PSYCHOPATHS ON TINDER: Is It Love When It Is Deadly?

You want to take things a little slowly, trust me. If you doubt, check out 27 year old Danuel Drayton arrested for raping and murdering his tinder date victims.

I bet every day someone, somewhere in the world falls in love, breaks up, or hopes for love. Girls try as hard as they can to look pretty and famous pop culture reminds us we are not yet ‘good-looking-enough’ for that special someone and that’s why plus a billion other reasons ‘we haven’t yet found the one’.

Gone are the days when you had to try so hard to look your best and garner up the courage to walk up to your crush and there ‘state your heart’s case’. These days, thanks to technology, you can just hook up with almost anyone, anywhere all with the slide of a finger on your smartphone. Just like that. It’s that easy, quick, convenient—and (oh oh, wait for it) RISKY.

Yes, we said it and we’ve got a lot to prove it.

They say that anything worthwhile is worth waiting for and while technology may give the impression of convenience you want to tread even more carefully when interacting with mysterious people online. Do not let the desperation for love make you careless with your private information.

Just because someone is online and you can ‘block’ or ‘delete’ them, does not protect you from potential stalkers and criminals who may want to harm you both with reason or without cause. Someone can have multiple accounts and you on the other side of your smart phone or laptop may never know.

It’s quite common (even for facebook) to finally meet a ‘friend’ in person only to realise they don’t look anything close to their fake pictures online. The same goes for online dating and dating apps. Many times, under the pressure to look good, potential suitors will go any length to get the most attractive pictures even when they belong to other people.

Guilt-trapping is another tell-tale sign that you might soon be someone’s crime-of-passion victim. See, you don’t have to know someone physically for them to take advantage of you and manipulate your thoughts and feelings. If you’ve heard of cyber bullying and how many have committed suicide as a result of being harassed online by people they never met then you understand this.

Interacting online sometimes creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes us ‘give’ strangers a say into our lives and things that matter to us and before long, they can turn it all against us and manipulate us. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you now, would you?

But of course true love exists, almost how you’ve dreamed it but so do psychopaths and criminals whose version of love is quite eerie and who target the likes of you every time. Now this is not just about single people being on the look out. Married couples are equally vulnerable especially when spouses get swayed into secret affairs.

Now, it doesn’t have to be online or through some dating app. Real life situations that involve dating physically (read ‘offline’) can as well be strange, dangerous and sometimes the sweetest person we know can turn into the worst monster ever. And as they say, there is a thin line between love and hate.