DOES IT GET WORSE? 5 Videos You Must Watch

Our lives are comfortable (or are they?). Anyway, most of us tend to every once in a while whine about stuff we think is so unfair and never for a second stop to think that things could get worse or that some other part in the world might be in a terrible situation or even that someone out there might be having it far worse than we could imagine. Here’s a list of 5 YouTube videos that might pluck at those justice and compassion strings in your heart. Tell us which one got to you most in the comments section below and why.

5. Your Favourite Products All Thanks to ‘Slavery’. Yep. Slavery is Real.

4. She said ‘…terrifying…’ and yes she’s right. Black markets and sex slavery.

3. Plastic for Rice anyone?

2. We celebrate our Kenyan athletes as we watch the Olympics. But did you know they have been banned due to ‘doping’ or taking performance enhancing drugs. But then there’s the utter poverty some of our heroic athletes live.

1.  Is it worth the ‘risk’? Just watch to the end. Oh and Ghanaian mothers are being reported to take bleaching pills during pregnancy coz they don’t want to give birth to ‘black’ babies. Hmm. 

Bonus: This got me freaking out. Short but hits the nail straight on the head.

And this is all for now.