I’m a stagnant pool of thoughts;
Nothing goes;
Everything is on a static front
There is an ocean in my soul;
Fragments of an enigma that shattered my whole; this fractured me I know

In the eyes of a mirror, nothing looks different
Swore the self within i to love,
To care and appreciate the woman I calve
But this ain’t so
Pillars of trust,
Turned into a formidable work of art;
In defining beauty,
The pearl never stands last
I’m in a dilemma
Torn between tears and worry;
Where have I to go?
When progeny turns an end to my story
Hush the ash I’m made to ask
Like a shush in a stash left before a task;
Which Is more important?
The lion’s claws Or the elephant’s tusk
Mañana I shall see home
But in the eyes of a mirror,
I see nobody but a piece of me in a lonely straight cone
I’m the pill they take;
Like a fatal dose, their ribs I break
To leave bare their hearts to risk and rusk
Heroism is mild on my grounds;
I can’t play Hercules in tales of forgotten gods in silvery gowns
Yet in the eyes of a mirror,
My kind of swollen soul solely slowly loses its goal
I’m not a full stop.
I’m not a comma either;
But still wandering in the coma of Aidan,
No place is home… Home! Oh home! Is there a home somewhere?
I am my own perfect picture;
A ghost devoured by his pride
Would I be a grateful caricature
Should death take me on a minute’s ride?
Maybe I should say adieu
Or namaste;
Should we meet again
For in the eyes of a mirror, nothing stays the same
I am a stagnant pool of thoughts;
I’m a mixture of evil and wrong
I am the man dancing to his own broken song
And when I done dancing and gone,
One must know!
That in the eyes of a mirror,
Deception is gold*
In the eyes of a mirror, I see my broken soul*
Kwame (Ghana)