Bathe thee shame, the loins of a man
Crested to caress the ardent ordeal in trance;
Then when what fancies the eyes be gone,
Reproach buries timidity in wrongs

Like a plague in search of Hades
Had we the torn deeds of wades
Scattered beneath ovations of thorny shades
For no one is born the hearts welder

Oak! thou mighty falls
For stands stance dance in chances
Of marauding silliness
Had one not a wise god

Scarlet wincing burns my paws
In the winking lava like the volcanic jaws;
With velvet lips, the tongue conjures and cajoles bitter sweet rhyme in limping diction

Oh! Have we an antidote?

Praise be me the sun that makes me weep
Against the alto tone, a spirit bleeds;
To set free thee in hisses of massing rendezvous cursing

So these words germinate without roots;
They germinate without voices to sings of boots that cook spiritism in the eyes and ears of the youth’s mismanaged fanatics

Torched thee out to blame Blane the silence that devours my delusions;
Nothing is small;
Nobody is bigger to snore

Bickered to the beaker that blisters the auction of sweet servitude;
Have we not for so long come far?

Today, I step down from heights of negligence
To bow my head to what is evident;
To kowtow to the plundered minds whose poses are losing wits and guiltily burning away

Give me peace please!
Give me peace

Like a warrior so wounded,
This heart limbs on one leg;
Home is not a beautiful place;
Home seek I to erase in the fury that makes angels into monsters

So sell thee out my tears to the rivers of dawn
Where I can predict the ripples
On tweaking screaming flirts and dreams

Peace I pray….

# nana

Kwame (Ghana)