If I sleep and never wake up,
I just hope that the man who will confirm that I’m no longer there,
Will hold onto my right hand and feel the words
That I wasn’t able to write on paper,
Because the ink in my heart dried,
I hope he will feel how I had to leave the paper blank,
For me to fight for my last breathe
I hope he will understand that my last breathe was the most important thing for my life,
I mean the power of finishing strong.

I don’t know whether my mouth will be wide open or closed,
If it will be open I hope he will close it
And understand that what made it remain wide open was poetry
If my eyes will be wide open, I hope he will be able to read the last lines,
Before he closes them.
I don’t know if my body will be fully naked
But if incase he will find it naked,
I just hope he will cover it with words
I don’t know if blood will be at that scene,
But incase he sees blood,
I hope he will understand that sometimes, I had to go through pain to gain
And I had to cut deep into my blood vessels for words to come out of my mind into the paper

I hope that man will be brave enough,
Not to cry after confirming that I’m just a body with no life
He should not cry for me, for I will not be there to wipe out his tears
Its not that I hate cries, no
I have cried in my life, and I know how it feels to cry,
Its because I hate that I won’t be able to wipe them for him
I also hope that he won’t shout or wail
Because my soul and spirit will be watching
So I hope he won’t disturb them with unnecessary noise.

And please if you hear out that I’m no longer there,
Please don’t cry, don’t wail, don’t mourn
My spirit and soul at that moment need silence and peace
Moment of silence for my spirit and soul..


By Denkuz (Dennis Kombo, Kenya)