He calls you sweet angel
But acts like your sower devil
He makes sweet promises
That all go unfulfilled.
Pretence love when around
Gives the back when away.
He has a soft sweet voice
But the heart is hard and bitter
He is admirably intelligent
So bad he’s too proud
He is hardworking
But has no time for you.
His words claim love
But actions talk contrary
He does not care about
What you do or where you are
He simply does not care
Whether or not he loses you.

When you first saw him
You thought he was all
He captured and tied you
You were on air
Thinking it was mutual
But now its clear.
You can’t let go though
Been through a lot together
Done so much for him
Given up all for his sake
You feel he’s your world.
You can’t give it up.

Your fed up of the humiliation
But have no choice.
Because you love him
He’s your dream
You must protect it you say
But look through again
He isn’t worth you.

By Lynn poetry (Lynet Awino Okumu, Kenya)