With Steve Mathias Kipsogei Chumba as shared with The Emma Magazine
Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Steve Mathias Kipkosgei Chumba, a Kenyan Hotelier by profession with several years of experience. I am currently working at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel as a Manager. I came to Uganda in 2006 for studies and thereafter remained to work.

What is your family like?

I have a young family. I’m married to one beautiful wife, Dinah Kisakye and we’ve been blessed with a son, Eliakim Kipsang Kosgei, who in a few months will be a year old. We are a God-fearing Seventh-day Adventist family with a very humble background. We live a quiet simple life and act simple.

What would a perfect family be like for you?

No family is perfect. A family can argue, disagree on some decisions at times, but in the end, family is family…the love will always be there. One outstanding thing is that when we are together as a family, we have a lot of perfect moments. I would love to see a family that truly cares for each other and spend more quality time together. A family that provides love, support and a framework of values to each member. A family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Thus, the parents need to do it right and make a “perfect family”.

What would you say is unique about your family?

One striking thing I find unique is the trust and love we have for each other. We are also deeply committed to promoting each other’s happiness and welfare and show our commitment by investing time and energy in family activities. We believe that strong families spend enjoyable time together. We also live by and enjoy what we have in terms financial status as we strive to grow our financial muscle.

Normally, how do you celebrate achievements as a family?

We always go out and have a quiet time together and relax while relishing the moment. We also call our extended families and close friends and celebrate the achievements together.

How do you get to deal with challenges as a family?

Challenges are inevitable in a family. It is all about how to approach them and deal with them. We have encountered challenges from external forces but we chose to be ourselves and close our ears to what people may say and life goes on. In the end, it is just about the two of us and our children.

Please share on some of the things that you sometimes do to help keep the family and everyone together.

We go out and have a meal, sometimes I surprise them with something tasty to eat. I also endeavor not to forget big occasions like birthday celebrations. The biggest thing that has kept us together is the Sabbath day when we go to Church together and spend the whole day of worship together. Putting into consideration the amount of time I spend away from work; Sabbath day is the only day I spend quality time worshipping with my family.

Do you ever deal with social media taking the place of normal conversation in your family?

Ahahaha, yea it is a bit of a challenge sometimes but I am the one who is more into social media during family times because of church and work groups on WhatsApp that I try to engage in. This irks my wife most of the times. We try as much as possible to stay away from phones and have a good time together of which I trust is very vital for bonding. But if we talk of TV programs, she is the one who spends more time watching.

Who in your family would you say is the funniest…that person who brings a smile on everyone’s face no matter what?

My wife. Most times, I come back from work so tired and worn out from the day’s activities but she can just make jokes or tell me stories that make me laugh. When eating, she makes sure I at least take a bite from her plate and thereafter she does a jig in celebration. For me, I do more of playing with our son who gets very excited especially with peek-a-boo games.

Many people today, especially the youth, don’t seem to appreciate the value of family. What do you say about that?

It is both true and sad that the value of family is not considered much in our current society by some families. Homes have become places to sleep and when the day breaks, everyone leaves to toil. House helps have been left with the responsibility of bringing up the children and with that, what would you expect of those children in terms of character?

With a few basic yet specific approaches and ideas, teaching family values can be incorporated into your everyday life. Generally speaking, the term “family values” usually refers to positive character traits such as honesty, forgiveness, respect, responsibility, patience, empathy, and generosity. These are very much lacking with every passing generation and is really a worrying trend. Families need to stick more together and see the value of a family. In the end, when one is in trouble, it will always be the family that will stick with him or her through thick and thin.

Something special you would like to say to your family?
We have really gone through challenging times and happy times altogether. Despite the situations, we have always stuck together and always been there for each other. My wife is a very calm person and so am I which makes the two of us.


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