23 Year Old Bahati, Passionate & Resilient

An interview with Lyn Andinda Bahati as shared with Contento Times Magazine (formerly, The Emma Magazine).

Who is Bahati?
I am an open minded and passionate woman always striving to be a better person each day. My close friends know me as Ndinda, a nickname from Andida. Am 23 years old, from Rukungiri district in Uganda.

Briefly about your education.
I went to Rukungiri Universal Primary school for my primary education, then Immaculate Heart Girls Secondary school and completed my secondary at Kingsway High School. For university, I enrolled at the International University of East Africa (IUEA) in Kampala for a BBA course and studied for a year.

What’s your hustle?
My hustle…hmm hustle. I have pretty much done everything, from Sales to Marketing, Accounting, Social Media, Interior Designing, and Digital Influencing. At the moment am working as a Sales Executive & PR for Ultimate Cycling and continuing to grow my profile and experience on the side as an Interior Designer.


Let’s talk about the things you like and enjoy.
I love reading, design. I like to laugh and I so love love children…in fact I plan to work some more and hopefully adopt 12 children some four years from now. I also appreciate good communication and self-drive in others. I have read 5 books recently, Blackass by Igoni Barrett, Echo Burning by Lee Child (Jack Reacher), Man on Top by Jeremy Byemanzi, 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyeme. From when I was a little child, my favourite authors have been John Grisham and Jackie Collins. I managed to read most of Grisham’s books and all of Collins books. Lately, my newest favourite authours are Paulo Coelho, Barbra Bradford Taylor, Diane Chambarlain, David Baldacci, Gary Chapman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Richard Branson. I am also exploring new African authors.

Are there any people who inspire you?
My role model for the longest time has been my dad, Mr. Bahati. He achieved so much at a very young age. In 1992 by age 18, he owned a vehicle, a business and pretty much had worked in every job sector. As a child I wanted to beat his record. The other person I look up to is an actress and UN Ambassador, Nomzamo Mbatha. Simply, she is a force to be reckoned with, nothing stops or contains her and I find her life’s story quite relative to my own.

Things that piss you off.
I can’t stand inconsistency, terrible communication and dishonesty. Anything that gets my shoes dirty will really piss me off.

How would you define your style?
My style is alternative… I am an old soul with a touch of uniqueness. Am creative so I find a center for my personality in between.

Any gadgets you love…love.
I love the iPhone for its camera quality. I have had an iPhone 6 for three years now and will be upgrading soon. Add an iPod to the list. When it comes to the iPod, I specifically love the practicality of it…being able to play music and keeping it just for that. I am getting an iPod Shuffle soon.

What was your childhood dream? What did you want to become when you grew up?
As a child I wanted to be a lawyer. The dream still lives. I want and live to impact a life or two. I live and will continue to work to put a smile on child’s face anywhere.

Do you have any goals and dreams you still want to achieve?
Yes. I am working on learning to accept and love myself wholesomely. I still dream of one day adopting and having a big family before retiring to a country home whilst working in a bookstore or café.

What always inspires you?
Being a better person inspires me every day and to exhaust or utilize my full potential.

What’s your favourite music genre?
I love listening to country, soft rock and soul.

Any three Ugandan songs that are your favourite?
Headmaster by Maurice Kirya. Misubawa by Maurice Kirya. Guluma by Irene Ntale. The first two songs are inspirational. “Headmaster” is more of a caution to the youth to be aware of the deadly HIV/AIDS and cross-generational sex and pretty much stresses the need to use protection. “Misubawa” is more of an encouragement that we are a light and that we should shine… The third song, “Guluma”, is a melo-romantic story of an ordinary couple and pretty much describes love as a sweet pain.

Everyone is unique in some way. What do you say is distinct about you?
My energy and a big heart. I am resilient.

A bit on relationships, is Bahati dating someone?
Let’s say…am working through something… Meanwhile, I think relationships are overrated…They are supposed to be about the simple things, constantly putting in effort and making it work with whoever you have chosen to be with. The question however, is, before you go down that road, are you whole, happy? Because if you are not, then don’t expect to get it from your partner.
Shout outs to anyone special out there, friends, family, anyone?

Advice you would like to share with our readers.
Be unapologetic about who you are and for every challenge you experience, just know that it’s only for short time. So be smart about the decisions you take.