Mr. Mahande Peter shares with us on what he finds special about his smart and honest little girl.

Her lovely name, please?
Well, my special child is Mahande Jacynthe Valeria. She was born on a Monday morning on December 16th, 2013. She’s 5 years old and in Top class at Papa Fountain Buloba. She likes swimming, dancing, painting, writing, reading and surprisingly, doing house chores.
Does she have any friends? Do you know any?
She does have friends. Shukra and Nakalyoowa.

What is her favourite food, song, game and colour?
She loves chicken and rice. Her best colour is orange. She loves playing with castles and swimming.

How would you describe her personality?
Well, she’s fun being around. Has interesting stories…always challenging but also in for a challenge. She has a temper though that if she can’t avoid, she will just cry about (this she took from her father) …she will outgrow it of course.

Jacynthe in the center on a day out with her dad, Mahande to the right and uncle, Philbert at the back,

Any 3 or more things you love about your daughter.
Honesty, openness, a big heart, loving and smart brains.

What thing or things do you find special about your child?
Ummm…her personality wows me.

What is she good at?

Where do you see her, some 20 years from now?
Hehehehe, this is quite a debate. She sees herself as a Nurse when she’s older. I see a way bigger picture of her pursuing a course in Medicine or Law. Nut that’s all hard to determine because she’s still on the adventurous route of life—God bless her.

Briefly, what is your parenting style?
As a single parent who visits her mom’s once in a while, it hasn’t been an easy one since I have to be in her life virtually most of the time as compared to being there physically. I do my best to provide for all the she needs. There are times when I feel that as a father, I have failed to fulfil my obligations but I choose not to frown over it. She’s my bundle of joy and whenever I meet her, talk to her, I make sure I leave a positive mark in her life.

What advice do you give to parents who are too busy for their children?
We are too busy. Am too busy but never too busy for her. I sacrifice time and talk to her through the phone and send her kisses then whenever we meet, I talk to her and give her kisses. I give her time. Children need us in their lives. We must find a point of balance for both work and them. Also, despite any irreconcilable differences you may have as parents, the children are innocent of our drama. I have showed this to my daughter’s mother till she has realized it.

It’s quite common today to meet people who have experienced some traumatized childhoods. What do you suggest could be some ways for parents to protect their children from various forms of abuse?
First and foremost, we as parents must be the shield, we should not let the ugly things that have happened to us in our childhood happen to them. Listen to your children, no matter how slight or stupid what they are telling you seems—listen and take action. This will create the bond between you and your child knowing that they can always confide in you. Show it out there in public. This will help and make those with bad intentions step back. Be keen, very keen on who you keep around your child.