Authored by: Edith Mukyala (Uganda, East Africa)
It was a candlelight dinner like the ones you see in the movies. Just him and I. Admiringly, I looked at him as he sat on the other side of the table. At that moment I hated the obstacle between us—the dinner table. I wanted him all to myself. Dinner was served! I ordered the easiest meal! I didn’t want to embarrass myself with a fallen fork on the floor. Fries and liver it was…he opted for rice and chicken curry.

Before we started to dig in, he held my hand. I can’t explain the feeling it brought to me. All I could feel was excitement rushing through my body. My heart skipped. Looking straight into my eyes, he whispered, “You’re the most beautiful sparkle any man will ever lay his eyes on.” Not only did I love how he said he loved me, I loved how he assured me that I was every man’s dream and that he wasn’t willing to let me go.

A gentleman he was, he dropped me back to my hostel right after dinner. He asked for nothing, I gave nothing in return! I loved this man! I was 18! He didn’t take advantage of me. I decided then, I had to marry him!! If only life was a fairy tale.

Next day after my first day of lectures, he rung me and asked for my lectures timetable. He noted it down! He said he would be in charge of waking me up every day for my classes. His reason was that he didn’t want me to fail! He knew how smart I was and he didn’t want the tempting pleasures of university life to ruin me. Wow! Perfection just right!! And he didn’t lie. Every morning he woke me up, called me between lectures, called me at the end of the day, talked to me on my way to hostel as I rode in the hostel shuttle. He only ended the call when he was sure I was in my room, on my bed.

The long-awaited weekend had finally come. I was to go spend it at his house. I was super excited! He had made me an extra copy of keys to his house. I dressed up in my cool new jean shorts and a shirt that was perfect for my body. He didn’t like when my inners peeped through, my body was to be respected, it was a jewel, and more so the temple of God, so I had to dress decently.

I hopped onto the next taxi. He had decided to stay home so he would get the place ready for me and cook me a meal…

As soon as I got to the Seguku stage, I gave him a call. He came to pick me up dressed in his weekend shorts and a blue polo t-shirt. Blue was my favourite colour or was I just in love? We hugged a bit and he whispered into my ear how much he had missed me. He gave me a peck that sent shivers down my spine. He suggested we stroll to his house. “You know honey, this is going to be your home forever. You need to know all the paths that lead to it.” This guy…he knew the right words to say at the right time.

***What happened when they got to his house? Find out next week in Part Three***