Theirs is a family filled with love, cheer, forgiveness, understanding and support for each other.

Please tell us about yourself, who is Philemon?
I am Ologe Philemon Daniel. I work at Spear Motors as a Sales Representative and personally run a fashion business, Dole Fashion House, with my wife. Together we have a son, Hezekiah Ologe.

What’s your family like?
Mine is a young family—it’s just my wife, our little son and I. We work together, spend most of our time together and take turns looking after our son. My wife, Judith Omayo, and I come from closely knit families so our brothers and sisters visit our home quite often. It is a good thing!

What would a perfect family be like for you?
There is no such thing as a perfect family to me, if there was then there would be no conflicts and fights in families. However, according to me a family should be a place where everyone feels safe to be themselves. The perfect family should also encourage each member to grow, Conflict should be settled fast and people encouraged to forgive and forget.

What would you say is unique about your family?

Nothing much, we are just everyday people who forgive each other a lot, enjoy each other’s company a lot, and spend most of our time together.

Normally, how do you celebrate achievements as family?
Both of us are home-birds, so we cook a lot of food and celebrate at home. We also share gifts to congratulate each other.

As a family, how do you usually deal with challenges?
We talk, in case tempers are high, we keep quiet until emotions are calmer then we talk about the issue. If we can’t agree on something then we agree to disagree.

Please share on some the things you do sometimes to help keep the family and everyone together.IMG-20190503-WA0008
Once in a while we go out, I help her with the chores once in a while (she loves that), we pray together, share gifts and are nice to each other.

Do you ever deal with social media taking the place of normal conversation in your home?
My wife isn’t a social media person, she is never on WhatsApp and she might have last updated her Facebook like last year. I am actually the one who has to control myself when it comes to social media.

Who in your family would you say is the funniest…that person who brings a smile on everyone’s face no matter what?
We laugh a lot and not to brag—I am the one who is always cracking the jokes. My wife is lighthearted and has a very interesting perspective on life—usually seeing things on the bright side.

Many people today, especially the youth, don’t seem to know the value of family. What do you say about that?
It’s an unfortunate reality. My advice is that family is a good thing, however, make sure you are ready for it, especially the emotional part. You have to be at that place in your life where you are pretty much ready to let people into your life and share that intimate space with them genuinely. So, in other words, don’t rush it if you aren’t ready.

Is there something special you would like to say to your family?

IMG-20190503-WA0007“I love you guys and I want the best for you. All I do is for you.”