SITTED IN THE DUSTBIN by Dennis Ernest Ssesanga, Uganda

Sitted in the dustbin

for too long,
the common man had been sitted
in a dust bin
sitted comfortably and cared less
of the world around him,

his wife holds a sick child
for whom they cannot afford to
purchase drugs for better health
as healthcare has become a
much as the father of the child
who is also sitted there in the
claims that he had paid his taxes
all so faithfully that he expects a
good service

but unfortunately.
he is still sitted in the dustbin,
with no connection to the
common world
where presidential handshakes
passby all the time
a few public and most private,
like they were commuter taxis

the fate of his sick child
that lays on the mother’s laps
is indeed unknown
however much the father claims
to pay taxes,
for it may be a little longer
while they are still sitted in the
and unfortunately the sick child may die.


*** By Dennis Ernest Ssesanga, MPH, Co-founder of Public Health Ambassadors Uganda, Author of Ivory Footprints, & a Spoken Word Poet.***