18 & IN LOVE: JUST THE TWO OF US (part 3)

Authored by: Edith Mukyala (Uganda, East Africa)
He had a quiet neighbor. Like any young man developing himself, he had the necessities. A not fancy yet fancy flat screen, comfortable chairs, a beautiful center table. He was actually organized and neat. He had the food carefully stored in dishes. OMG! He could cook!!! This was it…this was the kind of man my mama told me to look out for!

He got my handbag and took it to his bedroom. It was a two-bedroomed house, good space for us without the kids (oh yes! I was thinking about our children already. They were to be named Arthur and Flora). “Be comfortable, this is our paradise,” he said.

He did the honour of serving me, he knew how much I ate. As we ate, we watched one of my favourite Nicholas Sparks movie, The Notebook. Once we were done, I took the plates to the sink, it was my house, right? I came back and joined him. We were enjoying the movie and before I knew it, I was lost in his arms. He began to stroke my hair. These were things I had read in Mills and Boons and some of Danielle Steels books. I could feel my heart racing. Was this the part where our lips were supposed to meet, was this the kissing part?

He held my neck gently, stroked my hair back, looked straight into my eyes and told me he loved me. Mehn! This was deep. He kissed me.

Before long we were entwined in each other’s arms. One thing passionately led to another. I was no longer scared! I let go of all my fear. I let the passion flow through me. As I let my innocence go, he held me tight like he would never let me go. Soon, it was over. It had been intense, new, scary but it’s what I had wanted, with this same exact man. He was paradise to me!

He lay next to me. We cuddled. He said nothing, I said nothing. I wondered if my mum would know. I imagined the disappointment on her face. She was the kind that always made it a point that this was something to be done in marriage. Come to think of it, she would never know, right, because I was never going to tell her. And this man loved me! I loved him. That was the most important thing! I felt scared but my love for this guy surpassed every fear in my teenage heart.

He fell asleep. Already? Wasn’t he supposed to cuddle me some more, kiss me, promise me forever? I mean—Salvador did this in Second Chance…

I was awakened by the first crock the next morning. I touched the other side of the bed to reach for him but it was empty. I opened my eyes. I was alone. Clueless and alone.
***Where did he go? Find out next week in Part Four***