Authored by: Edith Mukyala (Uganda, East Africa)
I heard the door open with the squeak…aww breakfast in bed! It was beautiful. All the sweet words I had been waiting for came in at that moment. He promised me all the things a young girl could ever want! At that moment, we built our home, envisioned our two children, and planned our wedding vows!

I stopped sleeping at hostel. His home became my home. He dropped me at the university and picked me up in the evenings after work. He was a smart IT Specialist and my co-wife was his laptop. I didn’t care much, it was just a machine.

Things were going well. He knew all my secrets and I knew his. I had access to all his finances and he always let me have what I needed.
On one fateful day. I was in the shower when I heard the sound of breaking glass. Had he cut himself? I quickly wrapped on my towel and ran to see what had happened.

Mark. The love of my life. He was there on the floor, unconscious!

I tried to shout but couldn’t find my voice. I managed to reach the phone in his pocket…I knew his password. I dialed his best friend, Arthur’s number. I was shivering, tears ran down my cheeks. “Hullo…” I could hear his friend on the other side. I just broke down…I couldn’t say anything. His friend knew something was not right. He lived close by. He came running. I could hear him panting heavily once he got to our paradise. He found my prince charming on the floor, hugged me and tried to calm me down until he got me speaking.

Quickly, he got the car keys and asked me to go dress up. I grabbed one of his t-shirts and a pair of shorts. They were the nearest I could find. With Arthur’s help, we carried my love to the car. All I was praying to God for was that Mark still had his breath. I kept feeling for his heartbeat, it was there—but faint. I cried all the way to the hospital. This was not the way things were supposed to end. We were supposed to go catch a movie, get us some ice cream and he had said he had a surprise for me after dinner.

He got wheeled off once we arrived at the hospital. Arthur was of great support. He comforted me and assured me everything was gonna be fine. But I was in doubt. I was in fear! I paced all about the reception area, asked the front desk staff endless questions. They must have been irritated with my impatience but I didn’t give a damn at that moment.

About an hour later, the doctor walked to us and asked that we followed him into his office. I could see it in his eyes…It was bad news.


***So, what news did the doctor have? Find out next week in Part Five***

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