BRAINS AND BONES by Celestina Omor Orhue from Nigeria.

Let us not use our bones,
Let our brains work.
When the consent is honoured,
Then do we go to task.
Several hearts are underneath caves,
Caves will be buried when bones no longer grab
It is the will of the Lord that we multiply
Let us not use the rods while we hide

My eyes have been to the land of disgust and black work
My eyes have seen minds and souls brake like ancient paper work
My breast can testify to the heaviness of an empty mind
Yet my soft soul would not be coloured
I would spread it across the heavens round

A call I plead is made for the world to come
There is only one word that can keep the world
As we welcome love in our hearts
And kick love in the ass
By: Celestina Omor Orhue.