SECRET GARDEN by Hasheem Deza from Malawi

I grieve and mourn, where my secret garden lies
Or my dull heart bereaves the fairer rose
One once brown at last dies
Like a ripen apple on its tree falls
It is no more, was once but no more
Did you make all the garden?

Mourning in enigma, grieving the memories
With sunken eyes, tears drowning the sea
One scent’s sniff; tears from my heart
Splashing through these poor eyes
Garden rose has set its sown-with soul free
Early abed, now late or no more

I shall lie on its still smiling lie
My rage grow horns on tides washing it away
And the land breezes beating it awry
Garden rose has been tone
Arrows so sharp, shield fenced in vain



By: Hasheem Deza