COLOUR ME THE BLAME by Hasheem Deza from Malawi

Shun from my sister
The winds that blew into this village
Sung no note of her to dance
Siphoned the living hopes from her muscles
And drove her to the far end
The desert earth, could live no more
Tales clung on my pale leaves yet
She was so green and variant
But the night engulfed her dreams of brighter days
Climbers entangling her freedoms
The sun and the moon swayed away
Indoors sun rises and sets, pinned and caged
The beamed hate grew rife
So, don’t threw her stones but praises
Colour me the defeat-blame
Vowels Too weak and deadly blind
Building to pillar her decline?
Am just a failure as you all
She, the only surviving warrior
Carried the flaming stones with fore tarsals
Lived with the thorny queen’s throne
Forgiven men, cast the curse on me
Leave my sister rest in peace