MATERNAL DEATH by Alice Chintokoma from Zimbabwe

On a second’s glance of Hope’s latest sigh
Rapid breath
Raised pulse high
A heart,
Muted lies
On the edge of inked lines
With faith clenching fists on its bed of death
Heaven’s curtains closing the eyes of a suffering breath
The last line of a life Silently closing its ears from a mother’s cries
With innocence closing its eyes
On a bed of blood a death lies
Eyes covered to see the tears of a crying little girl not.

On an earlier glance of life’s brightest smile
Precious human
Life so fragile
But so lovely a woman
A mind
Ancient wisdom a mile
Deeds of kind
At times a dangerous innocence.
Wailing woman
Crying all her voices out
Down her maternal bed
With a face numb and red
Running like a mad being
Then crawling down the cold floor for a delivery of peace
Her womb pleading release
To the rude midwife that played deaf.
So on the edge of her maternal bed
With herself numb and red,
Shone a ray of grief.

So sad
So unfortunate
So selfish her delicate womb
To having make her deny earth
With the fruit in a sad journey of death.
So young to be gone
Though assured you are not lone.