HELLO SUNSHINE by Hasheem Deza from Malawi

A warm welcome to you my beautiful lamb
Fly into my arms and hatch
From these cold dawns, later dusk doth invite
Darkness to the night doth unite
Missing the smiles shaped from the breaking east
To crush filled glasses, morning dews to feast
Then turn tables to embrace the dance floor
Cherry lamb, hello my variant cliff


Paged into the ugliest cyphonism
Manifested Nero’s heart night doth possess
From the deepest, the daunting sink I confess
Purgery! Drooping molasses from cane
So, one inhale then a deep sigh
as I dangle impatiently waiting and wailing
Being lame from the deep night’s slamming fleet
Your footsteps to debunk this buggery


Sooner or later, the tales will turn to daze
The chariot on which you ride on is yet to land
Dazzle again, the purge for the haze
I’m to lift your fall, you to give me a hand
So nights wont visit with no stars
and the days to flower rainbows in the blue
The podium to kill my non-merits
My sunshine to slaughter my dark ages