18 & IN LOVE: THE SURGERY (part 7)

Authored by: Edith Mukyala (Uganda, East Africa)

An hour down and he was still in the theatre. I paced, prayed, rushed to the bathroom, skipped meals. His parents tried hard to calm me down with little success. I sat on the waiting benches and stared at a corner, my mind was blank. The worst moment of it all was waiting.

A surgeon came out to give us an update. He said it was taking longer than usual but thought they could get all the cancer out. See! God works in mysterious ways, he hears the prayers of his people. We jumped up for joy!! God is faithful.

Another hour later—finally he was out of the theatre. The surgeon asked that we gave him an hour of rest. I was literally counting with the second hand. After what seemed like 24 hours, we were ushered into his room. His parents went in first. Tears of joy rolled down their cheeks as I stood by the door watching them. He turned his head to look at me.

“Hi babe, you’re crying too. Come get yourself a hug,” he said. I moved closer to him and just broke down. I couldn’t believe he was out of the theatre, feeling stronger and better.

The surgeon was back with yet another update on his health. “We managed to get all of it out. I must say this was a miracle. You have a powerful God that you believe in and you’ve got yourselves a very brave son. Next steps are …we will monitor him here for three more days and afterwards you have to bring him back a month from now to check if there are any more cancerous tumors. They can mean to be very stubborn. But for now, the patient is healthy and cancer free.”

“Did you hear that honey? You’re fine!” Little did I know that he had been scared all along. He finally broke down…we all cried about it for a moment. Tears of joy! Before we knew it, his parents were telling me about all his childhood moments. All the funny ones you could think of. The most hilarious one was when he had climbed a tree after being told not to and he got stuck up in it!!! We died of laughter. His mum added that since then, he always walked meters away from any tree.

His parents said their goodbyes later that evening. They were too exhausted from the two previous days. They trusted me enough to leave their son in my hands. They left us with all the finances we needed and promised to return the next morning to relieve me so I would attend my lecturers.

Me and boo spent the night cuddling. The nurses were now used to us and they let us be. As I lay in his arms, he reached into his pocket. What was he pulling out?

“Honey, you have loved me from day one. You have put your academics on the line for me. Taken care of me, not given up on us. My parents and friends are in love with you. I would be a fool to let an angel like you go. Today, I pledge my love to you. I pledge to be the man you want me to be. I pledge to wait till you finish school, nurture dreams together. I pledge to make you my wife, be the father to our children and best of all I pledge to love you like Christ loved the church. I got this ring as a promise of my love to you. Do me the honour of being the love of my life.”

I was in shock!! Besides his hospital bed was a congregation of nurses, doctors, his best friend Arthur, and from a distance I could see his parents smiling.

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