18 & In Love: Life Is Cruel (part 8)

Authored by: Edith Mukyala (Uganda, East Africa)

“Yes honey, yes. It’s a yes,” I was excited. I was overjoyed. A huge round of applause came from our congregation. I was engaged at 18!! “I love you so much honey.” We hugged, kissed, cried all at once. It was the moment of our lives.

All this while, his best friend Arthur had been away to pick the ring from Mark’s house. My boyfriend had had plans of proposing to me right after I met his parents but I guess God had his own timing. Also, his parents hadn’t really left, they had kept around in the lobby. They weren’t going to miss the moment for the world.

It was a perfect night!

The next morning, I got the first taxi to university. I left after his parents had come for their shift. They gave me transport money and asked me to call them once I reached school.

Well I must say I was daydreaming about the proposal all throughout my lectures. My friends admired the ring and couldn’t stop wishing they were me. I felt so blessed! At around 11a.m in the middle of a boring Psychology lecture I received a phone call from my mother-in-law. She needed me to come to hospital and asked me not to worry—it was nothing serious. But—there was something about her voice. Quickly, I grabbed my bag and got the nearest boda boda off campus and to the hospital.

I rushed for his room. I could hear the machines beeping. From a distance I could see the doctor trying to check for his pulse.

“No pulse,” announced one of the doctors.

I didn’t understand what was going on. Just last night he was Ok. Just last night he had proposed to me. I stood by the door, frozen! Unable to twitch any muscle in my body. I was numb!!!

It sounded like from miles away—a loud non-stop beep from the machine. His heart had stopped!! One of the doctor’s whispered “Time of death, 2 p.m.”

I saw my mother-in-law faint. I watched my father-in-law break down! I saw the nurses and doctors look at me with sorrowful eyes. I watched his best friend turn to the wall and weep. I watched everyone, everything, every detail. These guys were too crazy to think that my boyfriend was dead. How could he?? Did they know the plans we had??

I ran to his bed and rushed for his chest. I tried to resuscitate him with my hands. “You can’t do this honey. You need to fight for me, Arthur and Flora. Don’t give up honey.” The doctors let me try out my luck until they decided I had to let go.

They tried to pull me back. I screamed out loud in pain. I literally felt my heart break. I kicked off the doctors asking them to give him one more chance. How I wished they had been miracle workers!

One kind nurse stayed by my side and comforted me till I calmed down. I don’t know how I managed not to pass out. Perhaps I was still hopeful for a miracle. In the movies, a bright light shone on a dead person and they arose. Perhaps that miracle was bound to happen.

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