HOME: Juicy Compound Ideas to Replace Ordinary Plants

Wondering what trees to plant in your compound or garden? Think beyond shade for a two-in-one reaping of shade, scent, and readily available fruit supply for all those vitamins and other nutrients the doctor recommended.

Plant fruits or fruit trees such as yellow bananas, oranges, lemons, pawpaws, jackfruit and whatever else you like as long as the weather and soil in your garden of choice are favourable and you plan on taking very good care of your fruit trees from planting all through to harvest and all over again.

Here are a few pointers to consider for starters.

Pick colourful fruits

You want your compound to look beautiful, warm and bright especially since the ups and downs of life constantly bring with them stress. Fruits of different colours will help brighten the atmosphere and boost your mood. Oranges, lemons, and yellow bananas are a good choice, after all, isn’t the banana also called the “happy fruit”?


Fruits you like to eat

Think about yourself and choose fruits that you enjoy to eat (plus some consideration for those the doctor advised). It is pointless to grow any fruits you come across even when you hate them or never crave them. These will grow, ripen and rot away as you or no one else will want to eat them. Worse is that you will not nurture your fruit trees well since you have nothing to motivate you unlike when you grow fruits you are excited about.

Fast growing varieties

Some fruits like all plants have different rates at which they grow and mature and some can feel like they need forever before they can show any signs of little fruits popping up. If you are exceptionally patient and have no urgent need of your fruit-benefits then you might as well go for those varieties that grow organically at their natural rate. However, if you really need to have your fruit salads more often and sooner than an option of fast growing fruit varieties may come in handy.

Organic or GMO?

Are you the all-natural fanatic or do you feel bold enough to experiment with genetically modified varieties? Whichever type you are, find fruit options, plant or seed varieties that fit with your preferences. Organic options might require a bit of patience but your health will surely thank you for it. GMO options may not necessarily have all the nutrient benefits of their organic fruit-friends but definitely you will have your fruits ready for harvest much sooner.

Low maintenance

Not all fruit trees require the same care or attention, some (like humans) are more demanding than others. Fruit trees that require minimal care give you plenty of time to carry on with your life and do other things you enjoy. Also fruits that don’t call for lots of fertilisers and aren’t easily attacked by pests or diseases will add convenience and stress-free fruit-growing to your juicy life.

Basic knowledge

Believe whoever said information is power, especially the right kind of information. Look up a few articles, engage the attendant at your local seed-store or the vendor in the market for tips and advice here and there. Alternatively, you could do some googling online, and with practice you will be an expert fruit farmer in no time. Alright, maybe not expert, but you get the picture. Your growing of fruit trees for whatever reasons you have will yield better results when you know what to do, when to do it and how.

Happy fruit growing everyone!