KISA: Memories Rekindled [pt 1]

Authored by: Lee Mweru, East Africa

She was beauty, a unique kind and as one other suitor would soon dare to confess, ‘a once in a lifetime kind of woman’. I say ‘was’ because meeting my wife, Mrs. Rube Amoze, my new status as a married man and my religious convictions forbade my attraction to other women. I had vowed to faithfulness. I had vowed to love Rube and at the last minute after so long, I had painfully told Kisa about my approaching wedding to someone I wished was her.

Kisa and I had met long before I was married. Our interactions, playfully intimate, always drew us close to confession which we both carefully evaded. I imagined her being the romantic, she was waiting for me to make the first move but I had my own fears and though I would touch her amidst moments of silence, touch her head gently without saying a word, I never had the strength to yield to the overwhelmingly passionate desires she stirred in me. She was the kind that would set your entire being ablaze with emotion and at the same time overpower you with weakness in your joints. Kisa was my strength and weakness. I was crazy about her then as I was now that she sat in front of me in total seclusion from the rest of the world, only the timing hadn’t been right.

I made her something light, she was only to stay briefly and we caught up on everything else, memories, both trying to seem as composed and friendly like two friends who had just met. In my mind, the stress of my oncoming wedding was crushing but each secret glance at Kisa soothed my nerves and ignited the life that flowed in my veins. We had both moved on with our lives and explored a few unsuccessful relationships with other people. We talked long and deep and all the while staring deep into each other’s eyes as if searching for the hope of rekindling what we dared not have. We kept our distance, or at least we tried, for most of our conversation seemed to be in low whispers, intense gazing, passionate reassurance, we leaned in too close and at each word almost kissed.

…to be continued