Say YES to LOVE Anyway!

Nothing should stop you from falling in love, finding love, spending time with your special one or getting married to the love of your life–not even the pandemic. So many relationships have drastically transformed into long-distance with the ongoing lockdown and other restrictions. Many couples who never imagined venturing into long distance relationships have had their affection and commitment put to the test and some have ended because of it.

But should you hold back from love or your loved one, cancel or postpone your wedding just because of the existing situation–restrictions and budget issues (many of us are already broke months into the lockdown and no-work)? The answer is No! Your life, love and dreams can still flourish within the walls of your home. The pandemic has forced us to utilise our creativity and the benefits should last through and after Covid19.

Phone calls and texts

With work and most engagements out of the way, you have all the time in the world now to give your loved one all that much longed for attention. Call them, text them, chat them. Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media are available to help. Let quality and frequent conversation be a priority. Encourage each other, learn more about each other, make plans into the future, check on each other. If possible ask to speak with their family so you get to know them more or just ask your loved one about the key family members in their life and how they are. Talk about the pandemic, your thoughts on it, the lessons you have learned from it personally and in regard to raising a family with your special one and any goals that have changed or new ones you are thinking of making. Chat about a movie you both like or ask about their day. There is so much to talk about that you won’t be able to exhaust even after lockdown. However, don’t be excessively romantic nor painfully boring. Spice up your conversations with little surprises, catchy but genuine phrases, download apps for pretty cool emojis, have dates online.

A Wedding for Two?

Had you planned to get married before all this happened or planning to get married but worried about the pandemic? Well, if you both love each other immensely and are right for one another then go ahead and make the necessary calls and arrangements for you two to get married, officially. It’s beautiful to share love with all our friends, coworkers and families but at the end of it all, love is between two people. Give your love and relationship the chance to blossom into marriage–the both of you deserve to be happy no matter the circumstances. Perhaps later, you can always throw a party to celebrate with all your friends and family or just leave that part out. Be happy. Get married!

Dating apps and sites

Are you single and searching but can’t seem to find a soul mate among your friends and friends-of-friends you chat with on a daily? Well, there are so many dating and interacting sites you can check out or apps that will prove very convenient and helpful. Just do a quick search on your phone or computer, research into the credibility and safety of each app you intend to use, sign into the one you like or experiment with a few. You could try out some Pen pal apps as well as sometimes the best of relationships grow from unexpected friendships more so when the both of you seem to be more interested in getting to know each other and are therefore more honest and free with one another. Remember to be careful though and don’t share any sensitive information that could threaten your safety. If in doubt, try Facebook pages for singles or be brave and ask a close friend to help connect you to someone they think might be interested in you or a good match. You’ll be amazed!

Walk Over

If your significant other lives nearby, they could move in with you or you two could agree to walk over to each other’s house for dates and to spend time with each other’s families. Just remember to be strict about following the safety guidelines–you wouldn’t want to risk the health and life of the one you love, now, would you? Try not to make it a daily thing as you still need to create a little space and distance between you to allow for you two to miss each other and not grow tired of one another so soon.

Sooo… how about you pick up that phone and remind your loved one how much they mean to you today? ‘I love you’ goes a long way! Hugs and kisses!