At the Close of the Second Decade by Falsafa the Poet from Kenya

Cold war heats up the northern hemisphere.
Its heat reduces Australia.
Cold fingers on fires lit on makeshift camps in Syria.
Unrest is felt by migrants sinking in the Mediterranean and the waves are felt up to India.
Some of those never caught crossing the wall in Texas were found dead in rivers.


Mainland China forces activism in Hong Kong while Kim prepares his nuclear missiles.
There was to be peace in Iraq but then in came an unwanted Premiere.
Kashmir faced Naredra while in Venezuela most couldn’t escape Maduro .
Time elapsed as smoke clouded the amazon while Bolsonaro and his plans were seen by the Natives as narrow.
England had to Brexit after the conservative win while south Africa calmed Xenophobia.


Alsisi atop the African Union as Turkey prepared military assistance to Libya.
Rumoured tales of political instability and unrest In Burkina Faso by trained mercenaries radicalized.
Ukraine had a comedian for president while Nigeria carried on with her flawed elections.
Greta Thunberg spearheaded her climate change activism while Abiy Ahmed calmed the Ethiopian-Eritrean war scooping his Nobel peace prize.
Privatization, cost of living, inequality, and Santiago metro subway had Chile protest,
While Malaysia secured a place as the twenty fifth most competitive country in the world’s economy.


In the same time Luis Hamilton was named driver of the year.
Eliud Kipchoge became the Greatest of all times in athletics after setting the Ineos one hour-fifty- nine-seconds challenge.
The seventh Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir was deposed after thirty years reign while Bobi Wine fought for democracy in Uganda.
Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned as president in Algeria as Valentin Yumashev revealed how Vladimir Putin was handed power on a plate from being a KGB.
France moved on despite the Yellow Vest protests.
As Senegal conceded to Algeria who took the African Cup of Nations.


Banjul saw an outrage after Barrows decision to renege in Gambia.
Japan rolled out its twenty billion dollar plan to Africa as China strengthened her ties on the continent.
Iran was sanctioned by the United States and the European Union for nuclear development and she retaliated by shooting down an American drone.
Pervez Musharraf was handed a death sentence in Pakistan while South Sudan failed to meet its Peace treaty on the twenty fifth of November.


Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Madagascar while Namibian officials got exposed by the media for corrupt fishing activities.
Myanmar saw her worst civil unrest in the south of that country.
Yemen faced her worst humanitarian crisis after Saudi Arabian forces decided to help the right elected president Abdrabbuh mansur against Houthi insurgents.
Guterres claimed the UN could not confirm Iran attacked Saudi oil facilities.


Thousands protested in Mandoza wine region in Argentina over axed water protection as pots and pans ‘Cacerolezos’ echoed across Latin America.
Spain, Italy, Germany closed their borders on oncoming African immigrants.
The United States recorded the highest number of mass shootings as its house of representatives impeached Trump as president.


Benin saw her citizens protest at its capital Cotonou for the exclusion of opposition parties from parliamentary election.
Boko Haram continued its insurgence in the hinter and the west African countries.
Sri Lanka got three christian churches and three luxury hotels hit by radicals.
Trump visited north Korea before banning Huawei gadgets In America while xi Jing Ping celebrated his first year in office as China’s president for life.
China emerged as a rising world economic super power.