IS SHE WORTH IT? By Shivansh Trivedi from Uganda

Everyone has something to say,
Sometimes it leads me astray,
Other times I do the least expected,
I pray.

It’s the little things she does,
Catching me by surprise,
Occasionally I ask before I act,
“Is it wise? “.

I try to be better for her,
In that spirit I’ll say one more honest thing to her,
” I’ll treat you the way you want but my love for thee honest and true remains enriched. “

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever willingly done,
It’s an honorable truth worth the sacrifice,
For you I can.

In the end,
If you find me deserving,
Be kind and take heart.

This hurt, I bear it gladly,
Knowing you’re my remedy,
The 1 smile lasts longer than 10 frowns.

Yes, she’s worth it.

You’re worth every happiness, sadness.

A moment of your company quickly erases eons of loneliness.

As God, religions and faiths would have it,
I’m a better man for it.

You are worth it,
Because you treated me better when I wasn’t worth it.

By Shivansh Trivedi