MY PEARL, MY POETRY By Rebecca Chavula from Malawi

My pearl, my poetry
A glittering crimson sun in the sky azure
Birds alluring and applauding art thy seraphic beauty and smile
I’m so mesmerized by your sight,
With those scarlet like lips
I wish I cocoon you in my arms reading you all day long because
You are my poetry book

My pearl, my poetry
A cherub that entangles and strike my heart with cupids arrow
Am falling,
I wish you were a tulip so I would water you with love and care,all season untiring
and admire the natures beauty
I wish you bestow me a right to your heart
So my face fades from thine melancholic look
A boon princess I wish I was to you
For you are my fairytale I wish it comes true
For my love is deeper as a sparkling flume fireflies

My pearl, My poetry
You are my all night lullaby
A stanza of joy and happiness
Just the look of you froze my heart with joy
Looking at you bathing in golden hues of the sun,
I become so ecstatic
For my mind swirl into your sweet moments
Am really enchanted with your sizzling love
My pearl, My poetry
I wish I make you mine for I will be exuberant.

By Becky AKA Young Achebe.