“NEVER WILL I FALL,” SHE SAID By Kwame Nana from Ghana

I never will fall; she said
For once I did into a ditch with head
He emptied my thoughts
And robbed my heart off her bed

He savoured my sweetness
And I ate his shame bare
Even when his thrust I hardly could bear,
I made him a sun when the night puffed up cold air

But he watched me die;
Crashed my breasts’ pride
And broke my spirit into rubble
He corrupted my mind so much that to me, every name of a man is an old devil

I never will fall; she said
Even when the seeking heart promises a larger long golden hall;
My distaste for flatteries wears an iron horn

Nursed did I a broken man
Thinking he was my crescent sun
But awfully proved he a demon in silky sand;
Blinding my lid to the erotic wand

He drank my beauty
He sliced up my ego
He made me a living ash with his fury cold heat

I will never in love fall
For love dearly treats me wrong
When I bait the forces of tender smile
In a cuffed cough of delight; I see him in all

I made him a god
He got me a garden of thorns
I made him birth to my happy cord
Yet he got me a bruised heart

Your smile is gold
It pleases my soul; she said
But I shan’t renounce me for trust;
For trust so old, seems to rust and crash

Maybe I love you
But we are a heart broken in two
Plaiting the noise of scarlet ugly voices with our eyes but I still think I see wrong;
I see wrong the love I hate

In your eyes, the sparkle gleams
Your lips speak the language in a fine light
Your tongue rumbles like a thundering wave of truth;she said
I maybe be a clear stagnant muddy pool

Maybe with you will I ever gladly fall
The love of my life*