It’s Kind of Funny By Monica Kakembo

Sometimes you wear your finest shoes
So you can pretend to put your best foot forward.
But your soles are aching
Because they don’t fit quite right.
Because the world filled your mind
With who am I’s.
And before the world saw you
You were doing just fine.
But now you’re playing monkey bars
Because the standard is too high.
But before they told you who to be
Who were you?
Were you staring into mirrors?
Or dancing around in your room?
Did you have more friends?
More than you do now?
Because a person’s potential
Is in appearance now?
You used to be afraid of needles
But you get shots twice a year now.
You’re supposed to be a girl
But you’re a woman now?
You were just supposed to live this life
And now you don’t know how.
Because you’re smiling on the outside
But your mind’s wearing you down.
How much more heartbreak will it take
Until your heart gives out.
Your reflection will show you many things
Every flaw and every scar.
It tends to show you everything,
Everything except who you really are.

By Monica Kakembo, Uganda