The Crop of Hope Sprouting the Heart of Mother Malawi By Lewis Gausi

Here now we stand on the blood-stained soil
Of the fallen fellow men and women
With our fists held high,
Chanting, the people have spoken!
The people triumphed!
Where were you traveller when the people claimed their power?
Where were you troubler when the wall
Of corruption crackled, cracked
And crumbled to the ground?
My beautiful Malawians were you here?
Did you see the self-proclaimed puppet masters?
Realising people are not puppets?

Allow me my beautiful Malawians to prick your wounds,
Was it not yesterday when the daughters of the soil
Fell rape victims in the hands of the police?
Did you not weep with me when the sons
and daughters of the soil fell in the struggle?
Is it not on this land that the killing
And ripping body parts of people
with albinism had become a new normal?
Did you not stand shoulder to shoulder with me
And acted against unfair elections and corruption?

Mother, Malawi your children have risen for you,
A wave of fresh ideas pulses in their veins,
A song of hope drums in their hearts!
You have birthed reasoners and seers!
Your sons have risen for you,
Was it not Chakwera and Chilima
That joined forces for you?
”TONSE”, your children have spoken in a common tongue!
Was it not Timothy Mtambo and Trapence
That marched the streets with your children
Risking bullets and teargas for you mama?
Hush mother, hush
Hope in the smiles of common faces outshines the sun!

The future looks bright

By Lewis Gausi, Malawi

A participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep2020