All For The Fall By Benefo Solomon

Life manhandles everyone
Times come for one to cheer up
Only to find a drunken wind wave its wand;
To forbid the beating on one’s heart is a pleasant suicide

The idea of wealth is a pandemic to the bruising mind of young youth;
Many parade with breathing dreams while the pregnancy of talented fingers fail to put forth;
There is no beautiful glory than a meaningful sorry

Like a fairy tale to a child,
The soberness of pride bends the fairy’s tail
Yet when we fail to sail right, blame we our plights;
The struggle in our veins wear the fangs of a vampire

Our toes bleed from long walks,
Our minds shiver from wild unleashed thoughts;
An illusion sits upon the throne of many brains;
For money, we worship the wrong gods

Mighty is the persona of men,
Greatening are the fate with which we thrive
But betwixt destiny and life is a strife;
Nobody cares how a dead poor man is buried

All will meet the end
The suffocating truth that for us fend the bend
For this air we breath is a blend
Of harmless calm servitude

Vile vanity
Many swallow the full essence of imbecility
Just so they can belong to a class of nobility
But no one is noble

It dawns on many
Possibilities cuddle with sanity
Sadness preys on the conscience of truthfulness
For we have all for the fall


By Benefo Solomon, Ghana

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20