If I Had To Remake My Life By Benefo Solomon

If I had to remake my life,
I would have rebranded my world
Tossed sorrow aside as with its grief;
I would have recreated the bait of sadness

I would have erased times I lost the right worlds to say,
Tapped my troubled emotions to sleep the den away
But then,
I will try not to again fail my perching desire even if I wail

If I had to remake my life,
I would endeavour to say “I love You”
Though it might not entirely feel right
But with love, much stands to be earned so bright

I would remember to hate not Mama
Might she revere the essence of care
Or the meaning of becoming a mother
And as much as it will scare the coffin within which my thoughts of her lay, I would make it taste like honey

If I had to remake my life,
I would climb up the thigh into the womb of a woman who will cherish me like Simi does her kid; I would not long for the tender caressing and picosecond cheek kissings

And my father
Would I make to see the sense in a beautiful United family;
I would have crisscrossed the bridge underlying spirituality and torment not the umbilical of my birth

If I had to remake my life,
I would you not change,
Neither would I barter you for gold cubes
For you are as precious a Theresa Marcus

I would make an almanac for you; Us
A book of excitement to name you my boon
Maybe, I might hunger your anger but should it be that I change you, I would rather with you make do

If I had to make my life new,
Would you help me set my sky blue?
With bits of stars twinkling above every dew
And a crescent moon to grace the dawn of beauties like you….


By Benefo Solomon, Ghana

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20