Lessen the Lesson of Pain By Benefo Solomon

Your mind may say;
That your mother never sought to you, in her womb, sow
That the sweet torture of her gnashes only skipped the pavement of fun
That she chose to bleed because you in her belly were like a disease in a pan
That her colostrum was the lethal injection that was meant to let you be no more

So her afterbirth bleedings bore for you curses coined from the fact that your lungs well fed
And the only way to be rid of you is to force you, to pain, say I do
Or barter you for the fee to birth the logics of parenting a harassment that from the start, never was meant to be
So she’ll feed you her tears and hustle to hear the noise which is to her ears, a rustle

But listen,
Let me let you in on a story
The reason for your beautiful sorry
Whether Or not there is to worry, let me bring to your hearing her saddest glory;

Your mother was a girl once
Faring in the fetters of endowments and praises
For you, she yearned more than twice when I heard her pray; ” father put me to birth that I may with her play”

Time aged to days upon days
And with you out, her belly flattened again
Her eyes were gold but yours, diamonds in the sun’s rays
She kicked her morning dreams out to sing you hymns
life might have been harsh on her
But her mistakes never had you in them
As a matter of fact, you are answer to her plights

Nights daze away and I hear your silence call out on love’s wave
But greater there is no love than that which breaks your heart
Greater there is no love than that whose scar and wound never heal

So when your mind seeks to garnish her state with filth, say this;
That the stars glitter like Mama
That the sweetness of the brook of heaven is Mama’s
That I am the beauty that coils inside the braincells of Mama

For truly, you bring with you peace
Truly, you put their hearts to ease
Truly, they may not be telling you but you are the brightness of the sun in their hiss
The comfort in their wheeze

With love, your sorry unleashes the conviction you need
But still might I as well say;
The fragrance of elegance looks good on you


By Benefo Solomon, Ghana

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20

[Poem in response to ‘Functional’ ]