IF by Jeremiah Okallany

If I slit my wrists
Would you run away
Or would you dare to stay
Relish in my madness
Just for one more day

Would you trace my fresh wounds
Back to their precious source
At the place I first discovered
Pain is a beautiful force

Would you stitch me up
In the most torn apart places
And wholen me
In every one of my empty spaces

Would you open my eyes
Lead me to the light
Tame my heart to know the difference
Between what’s wrong or right

Would you nurse my soul back to health
From being carpeted by everyone else
Teach me to find wealth
In my own happiness

Would you hold my hand
Even though it’s stained with blood
And we could be those two reckless sailors
Looking for an island in a flood

If I slit my wrists
Don’t you dare slit your own
Cause you may think you can handle me
But I’d rather be left alone


By Jeremiah Okallany, Uganda

A Participant in the CTalent Programme, since Sep20