Ditch These 5 For A Great Impression

By Liz Anoushka

To each their own, fashion and beauty mean different things to different people and we all have our unique twist to individual style. Certain environments and circumstances, however, require us to embrace accepted standards of fashion and beauty for that lasting impression we hope to achieve. This article focuses on the corporate look and high calibre situations.

In case you’ve been wondering why you tend to struggle when trying to make a great lasting impression, these little things might be the reason why and you should consider getting rid of them.

Poor grooming

We often tend to ignore the little details such as keeping our nails short or mid length, clean and well manicured. People notice dandruff, damaged hair, unwashed or any form of unkempt hair. Going without a shave (whether due to finances or last minute preparation) can be seen from a mile away. Flaky, dry and infrequently washed skin might be stunting your vibe. Covering up with loads of strong cologne won’t help. Rather adopting better grooming habits and routines will reap huge benefits for you.

Poor etiquette

We are often taught basic manners acceptable in society depending on prevailing traditions, customs and cultures where we live. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get trained in certain forms of etiquette. Marketing91.com breaks down some types of etiquette including social, business, wedding, meeting, corporate, dining, telephone, and bathroom etiquette. It’s important to educate yourself on these and refine your personal etiquette to avoid constant embarrassment and help complete your fashionable look and style.

Poor posture

It’s not just for health reasons, poor posture says much about your self-esteem, self-confidence among other things. Slouching is probably the most common form majority of people identify with. However Spine-Health.com offers other examples of incorrect posture and what you can do to improve. Poor posture shows in how we stand, walk, sit, and how we sleep. Having a poor posture makes it impossible for you to radiate the grace and poise you need for a good impression.

Poor wardrobe choices

We have all probably come across a person who seems wealthy but totally clueless when it comes to their wardrobe. Expensive doesn’t always mean ‘good taste’, you can still come off as tacky even when wearing something expensive or labels. Do you wear the wrong cologne for your body? Accessorize wrongly or excessively? Compromise on the quality of your garments just to save those few extra coins? Pick clothes that look great on the mannequin and your friends but clearly don’t flatter your body type? Are you into trendy outfits and designer labels opting for items that go out of style too soon and are a bit too commonplace? Is your fashion style screaming “am-trying-too-hard”…”I-got-no-idea-what’s-going-on”…”am-too-lazy-to-care”…? Are you a fan of wearing shoes that are extremely uncomfortable, difficult to walk in, or those that are not consistent with the image you wish to project? Does your style feel sexier than sensual (showing too much skin or skin in the wrong places often backfires and shows poor taste). Try reminding yourself that less is more as long as you do it right.

Poor physique

You don’t work on getting everything right only to ignore your physique. Sometimes it’s obvious that we no longer mind whether we lose or gain excessive weight. Perhaps it’s your lifestyle choices or you have a strong dislike for physical fitness. Taking better care of your physique pays off handsomely by enhancing your looks, body tone, improving your health and skin, boosts your confidence and makes you look more attractive in your clothes.

With these you will master a complete fashion sense and lasting impression that starts with working on your body and resonating to the garments, accessories, posture, etiquette and other aspects. Start with these and you’re sure to experience significant transformation over time.

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